Thursday, July 13, 2017

New everything-

So everything has been quite busy since I last posted on Art Ninja. I accepted a new job a year ago teaching at a newly built High School in my District that opened in the Fall of the way, if you didn't know, opening a new school is a lot of work! There were 84+  boxes of my own art teaching "Stuff" to unpack, new closets to organize, new classrooms to set up, all new materials to sort, new equipment, new team of teachers, new school traditions, new courses, new administrators, many new students, and then you know the teaching parts, contests, and shows.   I just haven't had the time to dedicate to blogging. Ill just say that we had a stellar first year.

My latest project is not really a blog, its more like blorginazation , Yes, organizing my teaching resources within a webpage.   The plan is to upload student work to my new site as examples as the year progresses.

This is more than likely the last Ninjarts Blog post.
Check my student work as the new school year begins in the fall of 2017  out at 

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