Thursday, July 13, 2017

New everything-

So everything has been quite busy since I last posted on Art Ninja. I accepted a new job a year ago teaching at a newly built High School in my District that opened in the Fall of the way, if you didn't know, opening a new school is a lot of work! There were 84+  boxes of my own art teaching "Stuff" to unpack, new closets to organize, new classrooms to set up, all new materials to sort, new equipment, new team of teachers, new school traditions, new courses, new administrators, many new students, and then you know the teaching parts, contests, and shows.   I just haven't had the time to dedicate to blogging. Ill just say that we had a stellar first year.

My latest project is not really a blog, its more like blorginazation , Yes, organizing my teaching resources within a webpage.   The plan is to upload student work to my new site as examples as the year progresses.

This is more than likely the last Ninjarts Blog post.
Check my student work as the new school year begins in the fall of 2017  out at 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Teapot Tournament

Students in Art 2 and Pre AP are busy making pottery for the annual Tea Pot Tournament! So far so good! I am really excited to see how these turn out in the end. We have a pretty girl of mix of classic forms,contemporary forms. 


Monday, December 28, 2015

Having fun with Symbaloo

At TAEA this year I ran into a teacher who uses Symbaloo in her classroom. I'm sure I heard of this site before  at an inservice, through an email, or some PLC at some point in the past 2 years but I haven't had time to really dedicate myself to making it into something usable.
Having a cold the first week of winter vacation gave me that chance.  I found there was a lot of public web mixes out there that were for art and kids but really outdated. I'm still working on making this amazing.

If you are on Symbaloo feel free to use my webmix! Areas outlined in red link to web mixes on those topics.  I"ll updated it again this week, but then probably not again until Spring Break. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

May the Arts Be With You!

Welcome to the Arts Side!   This year our fun art classroom theme is Star Wars and Maker Space! Writing that out gives me a great idea!! Maker Wars! Battle of Inventions!   It has been a blast to getting my room ready for the students this year. I have always loved Star Wars and I am really excited about our Donors Choose Maker Space Grant that was funded at the beginning of the summer. Soon we will be learning how to put together, Print, and create original work on our very own 3d printer.

 On meet the teacher the students and the parents were really excited about our theme, maker space ,and the art classroom. Check out the work in progress below.  We are not even close to being done yet. But we have to focus on Staff Development and the first week.

The Arts are Strong with this one... The words below are in progress. I haven't decided what it should say. Still thinking about it. I think it will be in yoda speak.   The Death Star was an IKEA hack. IKEA sold plastic solar lanterns this year. I happened upon one during summer clearance. It made a great death star.

 These Flags were numbered and now fly above each table.  We have the star wars symbols inside the maker space gears . The tables are color coded to help call out students names as well as numbered to call for clean up.
 Class rules.Jedi-ified. These rules will go along with our Star Wars version of a social contract

"We, the Beings of the Art Room, in order to learn in class, establish justice, provide for common peace and prosperity, and to secure fairness for all beings, do ordain and establish this Social Contract. Let the stars sing! Let the planets shout! Let the Art Class begin!"
 Teacher Aprons!!
Computers aren't here yet but we are ready for them to arrive.        Darth Mama standing guard. 

                  Student Critique  Center and Student Help Desk

Blooms!! Have to have the blooms!                                     The  vocabulary Spinners from Last year!!

 The C3PO trash can is still in process and the flags are now hung. The Rubric is posted and student expectations are understood

On the 3rd day of School a student brought this to me. She had made it with her 3d Pen. It is now a pin that I wear everyday!

 He's Han Ross. Making Happy Little Millennium Falcons for all students Birthdays. Love that Meme. Kudos to the person who first created it. I didn't find an original source.
Student storage space is organized and ready for work!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Automatons continued

Here are a couple of the completed Automatons. We were rushed at the end of the year so I didn't get many images. I'll update this in the fall or late summer.